Steps to be Resourceful

Far too often, we waste time waiting on the right time.  If you have a burning passion that ignites every time you think of new creativeness, then it’s time to start with what you have.   You can go no where quickly by building your hope on a dream alone.  You must step out and […]

Emotional Control

DANCING WITH DANGER Allowing People to Emotionally Control YouWhat is emotional question?  We should first examine the word “emotions”.  Your emotions are psychological and physical response to an experience or an event. The way you subjectively view your circumstance determines how your mood will respond to that event either with a negative or positive emotion. […]

Habits that Effect Your Self-Control While Impacting Your Success

Setting goals for our lives is something that should be done to help us better prepare for having successful outcomes.  If you want something to happen, it should not always have to some sort of mystic fortune.  Rather, it should be planned and decided.  Many find it challenging to understand how to begin to prepare […]

Life After Cheating

Life After Cheating Once you are confidently sure your mate has had sexual indiscretions outside of your marriage/relationship, there are some helpful tips to guide you through the initial phases of high emotions. What do you do? Attitudes that interfere with healing and moving on: The process of healing There is no right or wrong, […]

Shifting from Intimacy

 Roads That Move Away from Intimacy All of us yearn for close loving relationships, but when a deeper commitment is demanded, we often retreat from self-disclosure by developing negative patterns that avoid intimacy. Intimacy: Learning the Language of Love.June

What Happened to Commitment?

What happened to Commitment? We live in a society today where people have lost the value of commitment.  People are choosing alternative lifestyles that constrain important relationships and adjust solid values.  We live in a society faced with daunting choices that cause us to have impulsive thinking and actions.  We have stopped valuing the choice […]

Warning Signs Your Work, Marriage, Relationships are in Trouble

Knowing the warning signs Why should we pay attention? What would happen if?I think for us all to make like successful in all domains, we should ask the basic question what would happen if.  This question allows us to try harder in preparing for the best life outcomes possible.  This questions also allows us to […]

Series 1: Everything Starts with Me!

I believe everyone has the capability of living their greatest life now.  In order for the great life to begin or continue we must take time to examine and search ourselves.  As we grow and go through experiences we find ourselves cycling around steep mountains, long hills, and deep valleys.  As with any other cyclist, […]

Get your child talking!

Talk to me DAD!!! Kids Will Talk If You Listen From birth until about 5 years old parents typically know what to expect from their children.  They have daily routines and habits that are easy to predict.  From the time they are born, they begin developing their personality and how they respond in relation to […]


Intimacy Defined: close, familiar, usually affectionate or physical relationship  Although opposites attract, there are still elements that bond or draw couples towards each other. You know you’ve become intimate when you can finish each others sentences, know when something is wrong without words being said, . This usually happens with time and shared experiences. I […]