Series 1: Everything Starts with Me!

I believe everyone has the capability of living their greatest life now.  In order for the great life to begin or continue we must take time to examine and search ourselves.  As we grow and go through experiences we find ourselves cycling around steep mountains, long hills, and deep valleys.  As with any other cyclist, the depth and strength of the ride requires gear shift changes.  It’s hard to zip up a hill when you are in a lower gear.  Before getting up the hill you will have to eventually quit because the endurance of the ride is greater than the strength of the rider. 

Getting through the challenges of life requires a gear shift.  There are some challenges where we cruise on a flat and enjoy the things around us.  Life at this point is easy and things happen naturally than give us pleasurable experiences.  This is the part of life where we coast and enjoy the ride.  We are able to get our balance and build back up our strength.  Our energy no longer feels depleted because we are traveling at ease.  Our pace is our own and nothing distracts your momentum.  Unfortunately, life does not allow us to remain on a flat course. 

Your situations will determine how you shift your gears.  It determines the pace of your flow and the amount of energy required to get over your mountain or through your valley.  If you try to get through too quickly, you miss things.  The problems we endure are strength builders for the next ride.  The more you allow yourself to endure the pain, you develop a greater stamina for the following part of your journey.  If you pace yourself properly and allow yourself to continue in the ride, you will realize that it does not remain as hard.  It gets easier as you maintain your ride. xoxo

Your Life Stylist,

 Shannon Battle

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