Habits that Effect Your Self-Control While Impacting Your Success

Setting goals

for our lives is something that should be done to help us better prepare for having successful outcomes.  If you want something to happen, it should not always have to some sort of mystic fortune.  Rather, it should be planned and decided.  Many find it challenging to understand how to begin to prepare for successful outcomes when they have encountered numerous failures.  Some have never been taught how to prepare for the next day because they have been used to just getting by from day to day.  Many people are fearful to accommodate change and would rather stay in places that comfort their emotions. 

Whatever, the reason we must begin to realize the importance of establishing goals for all of our life domains.  Essential matters that are relevant to most human beings are financial, family, education, friends, career, and health.  Until you begin to maximize your potential success in all areas you may never be fully satisfied.  Your places of comfort give a feeling of self-control and anticipated outcomes.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone means facing fear and learning courage.  If you have been scared, then open your eyes and challenge yourself to explore the infinite possibilities of life.  Start with a plan.

June Hunt (2008) talks about habits as being instrumental for success in self-control.  Their commonalities both good and bad concerning habits are:

  • Occur with regularity
  • Happen without thinking
  • Reflect inner morals
  • Tend to grow stronger and more ingrained over time
  • Persist and become hard to change
  • Provide some degree of pleasure

So, if you examine your daily or intermittent habits, how are they effecting your outcomes and goals?  Start looking at your responses to people and situations.  How do you respond when you are confronted with conflict?  If you tend to runaway instead of develop a resolution then you have a habit of cowardly behavior.  Do you isolate yourself when someone tells you no?  If so, you have a habit of sensitive emotions.  Your habits are going to guide your ability to plan for the next steps of having greater successes.

Begin by writing out your expectations for your life domains.  What do you want to see happen in your finances, health, etc.?  This is going to help you map out a plan that will direct you toward finding out what makes you happy.  If you have not tapped into your range of freedom from fear and fulfilling happiness, then it’s time to make new arrangements for your life.

Although you may have accomplished many things so far, it does not mean your accomplishments stop here.  Keep moving forward. For more nuggets of wisdom follow me on twitter @icanlady.

Shannon Battle, LPC, LCAS, Life Coach



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