CEO’s are Good Moms Too!


I imagined the ridicule that, CEO Marissa Meyer, faced from only taking 10 days of maternity leave after the adoption of her new baby.  The initial reaction of most women would likely be insulting from disbelief of this woman’s decision.  I didn’t share in this sentiment.  As a CEO and mom of 5, I know what it’s like to incorporate your children into your work for the sake of maintaining business.

After owning my own foster care/mental health agency since 2000, I have since apologized to my oldest 2 children for taking away their time for the sake of the business.  I remember going to the office for a quick moment that led to several hours of ironing out crises.   It became so common that I purchased a tv for my vehicles to ensure they had some form of entertainment.  They never complained, they just adapted.  I always asked myself, “How could I grow the business and not neglect my family”?  After all, I had some form of freedom although I was still bound to the business.

I didn’t worry about others judging me because they couldn’t beat how I judged myself.  What mother would sacrifice their kids for the sake of earning money?  I did.  I did it many times.  I cancelled trips and helped with homework in my car.  Was it wrong?  I felt it was the best decision giving the situation.  As the company grew, I was able to hire the right support, but as the CEO, I was always responsible.

When I gave birth to my 3rd child, I was doing payroll in my hospital bed.  Business never stopped.  After being home for about 2 weeks, I was back in the office working.  This time was going to be better than before.  How did I do it?  I bought a playpen bassinet and made my office a Boss Lady’s nursery room.  I judged myself and fixed the problem as a CEO would.  Mommy found a way to make money and keep being an available Mom.

Shannon Battle, CEO for Family Services of America


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