Warning Signs Your Work, Marriage, Relationships are in Trouble

Knowing the warning signs

Why should we pay attention?

  1. To minimize damage control
    a. Life happens and unexpected events that are beyond our control are factors of life, however, there are other events that build up over time before we experience a collapse.
    b. Once something falls apart, you may never be able to recover it again the way you had it before.  This can be a plus or negative depending on the condition of that situation.

  2. To be proactive in eliminating unnecessary failure.
    a. It is important for us to understand that life resembles the stock market.

    i. There are peaks where everything goes well.  These are the moments we should savor because it allows us to feel good without worrying.  These are the moments we can reap the benefits of our choices and hard work.  These peaks make life enjoyable and allow us to breathe without restraint.  They allow us to grow, but they sometimes blind side us the richness of the moment that we forget to prepare for the downward decent.
    ii. The downward decent can cause your life to fall into ruins if you lacked preparation for your fall.  Sometimes it feels as though the ground has slipped from underneath us and there is no place of stability to find our grounding.  The days grow more depressing because you feel like you’re sinking deeper in the mud.
    iii. Then there is the leveling plane where everything is stable.  When people ask you how you’re doing you typically say “alright”.  This is the stage where everything isn’t as great as it could be but you know things could be far much worse.  This is the stage where you just ride the wave of life.

  3. To try and prepare for seasons of drought.
    a. Droughts are where things, situations, and people begin to dry up.  This happens when thirsts can no longer be quenched and nothing seems to go in your favor.  This is a season that can make or break you.  For those who are unprepared you will notice breakdowns.

    i. Mental breakdowns happen when we fail to acknowledge our problems and recognize our value.  People feel as though everything has been stripped from them so, therefore, there is nothing left to lose.  What they fail to realize is that the greatest lost is the letting go of self.  You have got to try to keep your sanity when all other things fail.  Your mind equips you to change.  It motivates you during your sleep.  It controls how your will proceed with your day.  This is why it is essential you keep your thoughts guarded.
    ii. Relationships begin to dye out.  Often we fail to realize the nature of change.  We want to keep things as they are when we initially have them.  When we acquire new meanings of life, we forget others around us do the same.  Your view you have now will not be the same as the view you had 10 years ago.  Your well planned out life may truly take a different objective if you experience a loss and a tragedy.
    iii. Economically distressing situations arise.  We all want it good. Money answers all things.  So when questions about how you pay your mortgage, or for college, or your medical bills, begin to seek answers…they are typically found with money.  For those who have limited incomes, the pressure of societal advancement and lures of pleasures begin to compress our spending power.

What would happen if?
I think for us all to make like successful in all domains, we should ask the basic question what would happen if.  This question allows us to try harder in preparing for the best life outcomes possible.  This questions also allows us to facilitate a forward thinking mind that is open to possibilities of change.

  1. Examples of the thought question.
    a. What would happen if I stop loving my husband?
    b. What would happen if I give up on my
    c. What would happen if I buy these new shoes?
    d. What would happen if I continue drinking sodas everyday of my life? 
    e. What would happen if I don’t go to school?
    f.  What would happen if I disrespect my boss?
    g. What would happen if I smoke this rock?
  2. Allow yourself at least 10 seconds to think a situation out before responding.
  3. Develop ways to keep relationships from growing old and stale.
  4. Find ways to maintain good health.
  5. Find an outlet that allows you to vent your thoughts.


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