Keys to Make your Dreams Come Alive

By Shannon Battle, Clinical Coach

Don’t allow your current position to hinder you from fulfilling your purpose.

Why aren’t you moving forward?  Have your beliefs turned into action steps? You will never feel like you’re ready for the next level of your great.  You can have the faith and affirmations set in your mind and on your walls, however, until you put some movement with your plans you will stay stuck.  I believe that people are stuck because they are scared.  Scared of the possibility of failure and sometimes the potential of success.  Regardless it is all driven by fear.

Faith without action is dead!

If you are going to have fear, it should be the fear of not trying.  Be more afraid of letting your opportunities pass by rather than fear of what will happen if you ride your wave to your next level.  Ride the wave, pace yourself during the turbulence, and see what happens.  What if your dreams exceed your expectations?  Will that be a problem?  Maybe, even that will come with a solution.  Would you rather have problems not trying or problems from trying?  Take a chance on you!

YOU are your best investment.  The inner critic may try to convince you that you are a failure but allow your best version of you to convince you of your great purpose here in this earth.  You are a destiny maker and a world changer.  Your ideas will impact a generation.  If you are not taking action, you’re not only neglecting yourself, but the countless numbers of people that are waiting for your idea to come forth.

I remember wanting to publish my book.  I new what I wanted to talk about and how I wanted to say it.  I am not a long winded person because I like to make assessments and immediately implement a plan.  I struggled with publishing my book because I compared it with the likes of others who were authors.  I found every reason not to publish the book and you know what happened?  Exactly….nothing!  I had everything together except pushing the button for the final execution to get it published.  I starved myself from my dream because I was afraid that it wasn’t good enough.

I knew I needed to do something different to find the right motivation to push me to action.  I have a cousin who published her first book Follow Your Breadcrumbs and began advertising her book review.  I began telling myself if I needed to make a comparison then I was going to compare myself with someone who was doing what I envisioned.  I saw myself as a published author, the next step was to become one.  So, I did it.  I also engaged in my coaching program and connected with my community and followed my crumbs.  As a result, I am a published author for my first book The Power of ICAN- ICAN Moments Volume I !

Stop convincing yourself out of your blessings that are linked to the destiny of others that are waiting for you to take action!  Get a mentor, shadow your role model, just do it!  You can achieve now!

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