Hater Mindset!

Understanding the mindset of a HATER
Do you really have haters?  People all talk about let the haters hate.  But, what is a hater and what do they hate?  Hate is an emotion fueled by intense feelings that invoke extreme bitterness towards other individuals.  Haters have been bitten by the green-eyed monster that produces venomous jealousy, envy, rage, discontentment, and anger.  Does everyone experience hate?  To some degree we all have taken plight to this emotion. 
Think about grade school when you become exposed to tasks that grade you as a failure.  If you sucked in math, then you likely “hated” math.  You hated it because it required more concentrated effort that caused interference with other activities.  It was the cause of heated debates in the home.  It restricted privileges when you were punished for failing.  It caused many unnecessary hardships. 
You then begin to oppose it so bitterly that you can see nothing but doom and failure.  This was a task that appeared to be beyond your ability to master.   You begin to develop rage and anger towards something that was a critical requirement to graduate. 
What happens when hate consumes you?
1.              It causes self-doubt.
2.              It entices thoughts of inferiority.
3.              It reduces your self esteem.
4.              It makes you feel alone and think you’re less valued.
5.              It causes you to settle for things beneath your privilege.
6.              It makes you resent others that accomplish things you’ve failed.
Understanding this helps establish the mindset of hate.  It is an inward reflection of a person’s lack of accomplishment towards something they desired to have.  As you can see, hate is stemmed from inward manifestations of low self-worth.  Have you ever met an office bully who has worked with a company for many years?  You wonder why they stay.  If they are honest, they will probably tell you that there is no other place for them to go.  They suffer with a defeated mentality.  When a person carries an oppressed mind they will always feel uncomfortable with others who celebrate another’s accomplishments.
Do people really hate you?  Maybe, it is probably because of who you have become and despising the potential of where you are going.  You make them realize they are the left behind.  No one wants to finish last.  So focus on your own course and reject anything negative that distracts you from your destiny.
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