Letter to Trauma of Kim Kardashian

Kim and Her Trauma
Letter to the Traumatized Kim Kardashian
I can’t begin to explain the events that took place on the night when I was in Paris.  All I can think about is how I should have been smart enough not to be left alone.  Maybe if I would have stayed behind and not even went to Paris, I could have stopped this from happening.  Maybe if I would have went to the club instead of trying to get rest I would have been able to stop this from happening.  Maybe if I would have stayed at another hotel I would I have been able to stop them violating me.
I should have been smarter.  Maybe I’m just as ignorant as my haters think I am.  What kind of mother am I to sit around with all this jewelry without a body guard.  I should have listened to my friend who told me to come hang out with her.  I can’t believe I was so stupid not to think I wouldn’t be harmed. 
This world is really dangerous and people can’t be trusted.  I can’t trust those who are supposed to protect me.  How will I ever be able to leave my house?  My children will never be safe without me in their sight.  I have to be smarter so I can ensure me and family are safe.  I need to listen to my gut instead of thinking things are okay.
How could I been so stupid?  I know my position, why wouldn’t I be more cautious?  I should have hired security for my security.  I will never be the same.  This is going to destroy my career.  How will I keep my kids safe?  This has ruined my life. 
I will not let this destroy me.  I’m going to increase my security.  I will hire more security and make sure I triple my staff.  I will have cameras installed in every room and vehicle.  I need to be aware of my surroundings and never go places where I can’t be protected.  How will I know who did this?  Was this someone I know?  I can’t help but feel that I will have to watch over my shoulder. 
I wish I could sleep without worrying.  I wish I could close my eyes without visions of that horrible moment.  I could have died.  What would have happened with my children if they lost their mother?  Lord, help me sleep and wake up from this nightmare.
I will one day recover from this thing called PTSD.  Everyday won’t be great, but everyday won’t be bad.  Give me time to grow through my cycles of grief. I may not be the same because life now has a new reality.  I have to navigate my way to find my way back to safety.  I’ll get there.  With the help of God, my family, and my therapist , I will get back my normal.  I won’t be a victim of my trauma.  I will be able to live through this victoriously….just give me time.
……….Forever PTSD from Kim

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