Moving Ahead of God Pt 1

Moving Ahead of God Pt 1

Since we live in a fast moving society, we are used to having things hastily.  If it does not happen at a set deadline, then we encounter distress.  We begin to worry, panic, and often fail to remember the promises of God.  What do you do when life have swirled you into tidal waves that have pushed you far away from shore or your comfort?  It seems like everything on every side is against you and favor has lost you.  During this time you can truly trust in the word of God.  While in a frantic mood, how could we possibly make a sound decision when our thoughts have been disturbed?  If you are fearful of a possible outcome, how you trust yourself to make the right decision?  The fact remains, you can’t fight your battles or win any wars without the presence of God guiding your every step of the way.  Since when did you establish your own path?  Never, because your life was predestined even before you were formed in your mother’s womb.  Do you understand the significance of your life?  The bible says that there is nothing new under the sun.  So, take a step back and examine yourself and understand that there is a way, but only God determines which way is right. 

I often ponder the question, do I move or do I stay?  Even the most prudent people err in their decision.  I believe because of the enormous amount of grace that there really isn’t too far you can go without God saving you.  I think we show more of our trust in Him when we take steps.  Examine your motives.   Why do you think you should move?  Where are you trying to go?  How will this move benefit your life?  What do you hope to accomplish in moving?  I say without reservation that you should always way the consequences of your choices.  Be careful not to co-sign God to a move for your personal justification.  If we want something bad enough, we will dress it up to the point of not seeing clearly.  I remember wanting to make a business deal because the offer seemed to align with a goal I had for myself.  The offer was very lucrative and the potential of financial gain was evident.  However, the company began to rush me to make a decision.  I went to my husband and discussed the deal.  We were willing to compromise our original offer to open the door for the business.  I knew I did not have long to move and that an immediate decision had to be made.  Then all of sudden, I stopped!  To be continued….;


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