Conversations: Light in the Valley

I have often heard people talk about valley experiences. Typically they are referencing some tragic or difficult situation that makes them feel at an all time low. Many of us somewhere in our life have encountered a valley experience. It may have been as a result of a loss of a job, loved one, or regular life turmoils that hit you all at once. I feel truly obliged to say, “It will get better”! I deeply saddens me to see so many people losing faith and hope. You feel there is nothing left to hold on to, so you stop living. You becomed detached from people around you and those in your inner circle. You are not alone! Life can begin again if you allow. He (God) that began a good work is faithful to perform it until the end. God just needs you to become willing. Willing to what? Willing to allow Him to work out your burdens. Willing to allow Him to act as your supplier and protector. Willing to trust Him. If you have realized that you can no longer do this by your strength, don’t you believe that possibly there is a greater strength that will keep you safe? The valley is a time I have learned to consider as a thinking place. I can’t see my way out but I know there is one. I can’t muster the strength to pull myself up, but I know there is something higher. I also know that if allow myself to stay compressed with stress and worry, I will not make it out. It is my hope that you pull yourself up. Valley experiences remind me of the movie with Tom Hanks when he was stranded on an island for many years alone. He had to adjust from having everything to having nothing but hope. When hope began to fail he would somehow get a sign that would stir him up once again to find a way out. What was able to sustain him until he was rescued? Hope. Don’t lose your hope no matter how bad things seem to be. If God brought you out once before, and he is faithful to perform this work until the end, therefore, it’s not over. Tell yourself, “It’s not over”! You can begin again but it will have to begin with your faith that God is working it out. It is not going to be the way you want it done because God is supernatural and brilliant. He is going to change your life in ways that not only amaze you but those around you. Keep yourself around people who lift your spirits. Don’t allow yourself to drown in despair. This is going to pass and you and everything connected to you will be better than before. Keep hope alive!

Many Blessings,
Life Coach


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