Unclutter your Mind

Too often we find ourselves running in overdrive shuffling the daily tasks of family, work, and our own personal issues.  It seems like if it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  We’re always being pulled, pushed, and sometimes trampled upon.  This cycle becomes a norm until we encounter a personal moment.  It’s in these moments we realize that we have become scattered and filled to capacity.  It feels like we are about to burst in a pool of tears and despair.  We ask, what is tapping at our emotions?  Everything!  As alone as this place may feel, you are not tapped out.  The referee has not issued the final count.  This hectic place can now be your calming ground.  Recognize the thoughts that have taken residency in your mind.  What needs to be resolved?  Has unfinished business taken up too much space?  Identify your concerns and begin to examine their value and significance to your life.  Learn to allow your mind to be free. SB


I am a resource for consultation with those who are stumped by a particular problem or hindered by a particular obstacle or barrier.


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