Strong Women Break Too

Strong Women Break Too

Stuck in your own thoughts with no one else to listen.  Carrying the loads of life and expectations and no one to help her bear the internal loads of distress and excess baggage.  Reaching many points of breaking glasses only to be the one to scrape up the shattered pieces.  Psyching yourself to believe false perceptions that lead to empty victories but are encouragingly benefiting to others.  Stuck in the misconceptions of past events that regulate your emotions.

These are the thoughts of the mind raging wars that encapsulate strong women.  Even the strong woman cries drying tears because there is no one there to wipe them.  She sees people as takers and she positions herself as a replenisher to escape the void of unfulfilled loneliness.  Strong women become lonely as well.

Strip the strong woman of her hardened and elegant exterior and you will find desperation, agonizing hurt, deepened pain, blanket emotions….  She becomes scared of her feelings, escaping the potential of catastrophic loss.

Let the strong woman go free.  Let her feel pain so that she can feel joy.  Let her let go so that she can hold on.  Hug her, appreciate her, honor her, respect her, she needs even more than what she gives.  Strong women must learn to be weak.  It is in the weakness where she discovers her greatest strength.

God’s strength is made perfect even in weakness.
Shannon Battle, Licensed Family Counselor


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