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Write Your First Book in 30 Days

Got a Story? Why not tell it? Your experiences are your unwritten book. There are over 80% of people who desire to write their book but less than 10% do it. This course will help you overcome objections, get out of your head, and get it on paper.


  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction-PreWork
  • Beginning Your Writing Journey
  • Module 1: Select Your Format
  • Outlining Example
  • Encouragement Message
  • Module 2: Choose your Topic/Story
  • step_1_Choosing_your_story
  • Encouragement Video
  • Module 3: Outlining/Mind Mapping
  • Module3-MindMap
  • step_2_Components_of_story
  • step_3_Story_archetypes
  • Module4-Building Your Audience to Sell Your Book
  • Encouragement Video
  • Final Springboard Message
  • Module 5: Revisions and Launching