Ep46: When God and Why Now?

Ep46: When God and Why Now?

Welcome to a special episode of “The Psychology of Womanhood” podcast, hosted by the insightful Shannon Battle. In this episode titled “When God and Why Now,” Shannon delves deep into the nuanced world of women striving to maintain their faith while navigating the challenges of work-life balance.

Shannon engages in a soulful conversation discussing the intersection of faith, career, and the intricacies of modern womanhood. The episode explores the perennial question of “Why now?” — addressing the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in their pursuit of both professional success and spiritual fulfillment.

Listeners can expect a blend of psychology, spirituality, and practical advice as Shannon and her guests provide valuable insights into the delicate dance of balancing a thriving career with a steadfast commitment to faith. From navigating workplace dynamics to finding moments of spiritual connection in the midst of a busy life, “When God and Why Now” offers a thoughtful exploration of the intersectionality of these vital aspects of a woman's journey.

Tune in to “The Psychology of Womanhood” with Shannon Battle for an enriching episode that speaks directly to the hearts of women seeking wisdom, support, and a deeper understanding of how to keep the faith while pursuing a harmonious work-life balance. It's a conversation that transcends the ordinary, offering a unique blend of psychology and spirituality to empower women on their individual paths to fulfillment and success.

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