Personalized Battle Action Plan

Why would I need a Mentor?

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person that is knowledgeable and guided by expertise to look into your blockades that prevent you from maximum productivity.  It is very different from coaching because your mentor is focused on developing your gifts beyond right now performance through increasing your maturity and understanding.


I work with you to establish habits that help you overcome mental blocks that prevent your growth in your 6 quads of life (Family, personal development, work, health, spiritual, and financial).  Your performance in one area is not always a clear indicator of how you will perform in your other life quads.

How does this work?

This 1 on 1 mentoring session is very in-depth and requires pre-work before the call.  

We meet via Zoom to discuss your agenda provided prior to the session.

We work through the stuck points to get you solution-focused and outcome-driven to get the results you desire.

You have the option of bringing key members into your session to get them on board with understanding your needs to reach mutual satisfaction.  (This is optional but very helpful in partnering relationships)

You’ll provide information that helps to give an overview of where you are so we don’t spend time exploring unnecessary interferences that are not paramount to your acceleration.  Each session creates movement because you are prepared, the bottom of the iceberg is revealed, and the path becomes clearly focused and intentional.