You’re Better than you Think

Life Reflection: Someone approached me in church today and said, “Girl you’re doing so much when do you slow down?”  I asked what she meant.  She said, “I follow you on FB and I see your posts and you are doing so many great things.  I’m like when does she slow down?”  I smiled, thanked her for following my posts and walked off.  My initial thought was who’s pace did she size me against?  I found it funny because I feel like I’m moving like a turtle and could be doing so much more.  Then I realized my good is great to many people.  I don’t say that in vain, but in gratitude.  We so often feel like the world is beating us an we are losing the race to success, but if we look at our life today…it probably is a heck of a lot better than we first started.  I made many mistakes in life and got my butt kicked in business decisions and yet I’m better off than when I first started.  Your race is your own.  With that said, you get to determine your own pace.  If you had a tragic loss and you get to start over, just do it better than before.  My business coach told me to put my hands to the plow and don’t look back, however, my look back is not of regret…it’s a view of gratefulness.  Happy I’ve touched lives, heck saved some lives, and put my world DNA to good use. #success #leadership

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