Secrets to getting your Questions Answered


By Shannon Battle, Strategy Consultant
Face it, you can’t get results because you can’t communicate.  Let me tell you why you are unsuccessfully having one way conversations.  You act out of unrestrained emotions and show that you are only interested in getting heard and not listening to what the other has to say.  You have a self-centered approach to communicating and it never gets your problems resolved. 
I can recall numerous times I lost the verbal communication skill to fixing a conflict with my husband because I wanted to assert my right to be heard and not tolerate any potential backlash of blame or differentiated opinions.  The more I lose the battle in communicating my needs/desires the more I amplify my emotions to take control because I recognized that I have lost his attention to my issue. 
One of the top 5 reasons marriages fail, according to Psychology Today is communication issues.  The key to conflict resolution requires a collaboration between the opposing parties that initiate problem-solving.   If you do not win the battle of learning the appropriate problem-solving techniques, you will always face uphill struggles.
If you keep acting out of your emotions and not properly communicating, you will always have problems getting people to listen so that you can get the results you desire.  Manage your thoughts and you can tame your mouth.  You need to get out of the habit of wanting people to feel you.  You want to get in the habit of having others understand you.
People are so used to getting stirred and emotionally provoked that they lose their natural ability to think objectively.   How effective is it when you make major decisions that are feelings based rather than competency driven?  It doesn’t matter if you have a high school level education, you can articulate your message in a way that anyone understands your needs without you getting emotionally aroused.
Quick tips is all it takes.    This is why I wrote The Power of ICAN- Volume I for that reason alone.  Think smart, develop an action plan, and be happy with the results.  You have to corner your thinking and let that ride out your passions.  There is a time to get emotional, but get to that point after you have gotten past your point.
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