Ep43: Reversing Unbelief

Have you ever wondered why you struggle with making life changing decisions and feel stuck when it’s time to make a move? Your outcomes are likely associated with your beliefs. This episode we work through the challenges we deal with in our minds trying to make sense of things that happen. You may start well […]

Ep42: Understanding Jealousy and its Emotional Damage

Have you ever felt jealous towards your friend or partner? Did it draw out negative responses that damaged the relationship? In this episode we define, discuss, and provide tips to manage jealousy. It has been seen as a shameful emotion that we keep hidden. The problem is that the experiences that shape that negative response […]

Ep41: Understanding the Flow of Emotions

How does it feel when you lose it and flip out on everyone? Do you ever stop and wonder what triggers this intensity of emotions? In today’s talk I help you understand that what you see showing up is not what is happening down below. I walk you through the processes and layers of what […]

Ep40: How to Confront Self-Doubt and Fear

Do it Afraid! That’s a message that sounds very motivating until you actually start taking your steps to achieve your next great idea or passion. What happens to cause you to start well and not be able to finish? This episode will give you 3 steps to dive into your mind and change the way […]

Ep:39 Girl, you are NOT losing your Mind

Have you faced the most devastating life situation and felt as if you were losing your mind? Life can hit so hard that you feel powerless, hopeless, and out of control over the pain that aches your soul. I want to remind you that you are not losing your mind, but you are experiencing a […]

Ep38: The Power of Thinking

Learn to be intentional with your thinking instead of living mindlessly through daily routines and habits. Are you preparing for your daily success with intentional thoughts? Or are you living life through boring routines and habits? — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shannon-battle/support

Ep 37: You are Doing Better Than Before, Stop Punishing Yourself

The inner critic is quick to tell you that you’re not good enough, you’re not moving fast enough, and every other counterproductive thought. This episode I challenge you to pause, reflect and celebrate your growth. If you’re practicing patience without going off on someone then you are doing better than before! Give yourself credit! Stop […]

Ep:36 How to Prepare for Life Changing Success

This episode we talk about how to find your excitement, energy, interest, and passion doing what you really love. Many people don’t know what they truly want, but have this feeling that it should be better than what they have now. Most people have not been trained how to think better and create a visual […]

Ep 35: How to Make the Right Choice in 8 Steps

It’s hard making some decisions without worrying if it will turn out alright. How do you know if you are in the right relationship with the right person? How do you know if you have chosen the right career? Today I show you 8 Steps to help you be more confident in making decisions by […]

Ep 34: 4 Signs It’s time to Let Go

If you have difficulty figuring out if you should let go then this episode is for you. Letting go is a challenge for most people because that thing is attached to something of value. Questions we ask make it difficult to decide and lengthen the grief attached to the thought of missing what we have. […]