Blessed But Under Attack

What do you do when trouble is pressuring you on every side? How do you come up for air when problems are choking the the life from you? This is that part of life that makes us doubt how blessed we really are. Listen as we encourage, guide, and help strengthen you through these challenges […]

How to be a Strong and Courageous Woman

As women our confidence is often connected to our strength. However, our strength is often depicted as a negative and bossy attitude. This episode will help you gain understanding that aggression is not strength. Your strength embodies all aspects of your being. Strength is in your spirit, mind, and body. You get strength as you […]

Ep:20 Yes You Can, With a Plan- Find Your Purpose By Asking 2 Questions

The question we all have faced at some point in life is “What is my purpose”? There are many books that teach you how to figure this out, but some of us still have difficulty grasping this master design for our life. We don’t like making mistakes or doing things blindly. For most of us […]

Ep19: Bye 2020, I’m Ready 2021-How to have an intentional 2021

Do you feel like something has got to change? Are you over COVID and the problems it created in your life? You are like so many others. The key is to come out of hiding and live through any fears or anxieties you have experienced that made you put life on pause. While you’re resetting, […]

Ep:18 6 Tips to Calm Your Anxious Mind

Have you ever been so anxious you dreamed about your problems? It happens to us all. As a matter of fact, I’ve been there many times. We never intentionally try to wake up with life on our minds, but be ready when it happens. If you have been fighting your anxiety ghosts and losing, then […]

Ep17: The Possibilities of Girl Crazy Dreams

Today we have a new stamp on life…live out your Girl Crazy Dreams! Life is what you make it. Life is choice driven. Life is a sequel of endings and beginnings. Women are designed to be excellent. Intentional women are more excellent than the average woman because she maximizes her ideas and makes her dreams […]

Ep16: The One Decision That Pushes You Through Doubt

Most things in our lives happen so frequently we never stop to ask Why. Our WHY becomes a major factor when we come against doubt or we fear the voices in our heads that tell us we are doing it wrong. In my book, The Power of ICAN, I talk about making decisions that help […]

Ep15: How to Know if Your Perception is Telling the Truth

Have you believed a story that was told to you for so long and later found it to be a lie? Someone may have convinced you that kissing makes babies so you thought by avoiding a kiss, you wouldn’t come up pregnant. We learn to believe based on past experiences, knowledge, and regret. Our beliefs […]

Ep14: How to be a Worry Specialist

What if you could learn how to worry without causing anxiety? It’s natural to worry about situations that impact change in your life. As a parent you worry about the well-being of your kids. As a spouse you worry about the lasting love of your marriage. As a friend you worry about the happiness of […]

Ep13: Why it Pays to be Late: The Struggle with Being Patient

It’s hard to be patient when you need something to happen now. You can try to navigate and find angles around your situation but it may not get you the best solution. You may have to acknowledge that you will have to wait until it’s the right time. It is very challenging to wait and […]