Marriage Reality Check

Marriage Reality Check

It bothers me to watch another woman that doesn’t belong to a befriended man, be his everyday friend in the absence of his wife.  Which is why I don’t like the term “work wife” “work husband”.  Marriages are an everyday fight even on a great day.  When you have a routine with another person of the opposite sex (i.e. meeting up at designated times, working out together, talking on the phone, etc.) you are setting yourself up to fall into the trap of sexual seduction and treading the line of losing everything you built called “home“.

Ignorance is no excuse for infidelity.  It doesn’t just happen, it is always choice driven.  Every “little” chat, smile, helpful gesture you give to another person puts you that much closer to losing your life line with your spouse.  Your mind will make you think it’s innocent or in no way harmful.  Why should it tell you otherwise if it feels good?  Why would your mind tell you to stop when your simple acts of innocence bring you pleasure?

If you are looking forward to seeing another person outside of your marriage everyday, hearing their voice, or spending time with them, then you have set yourself to fail your marriage, your kids, and everything connected to the covenant you built.

I’m not saying quit your job, but I would suggest is that you check your emotions and ask yourself “why am I doing this?”  Have a heart to heart conversation with yourself and stop being blinded to the delusions of mental seduction.  Hopefully, it’s not too late for you.  Make your choice and choose your marriage everyday!

Shannon “ICANLADY” Battle, Strategy Coach

Lord, I have been weak at work dealing with my co-worker (name).  I have created a false space in my mind that divides me with my spouse (name).  I choose not to make anymore excuses but I choose today to see my flaws and correct this problem immediately.  I will not make my spouse (name) my problem but my spouse (name) will be my priority.  I will awaken the dead areas of arousal, intimacy, and passion between me and spouse (name) and I will make every extra moment of my time count to reviving our marriage.  I know that through Christ I can do all things in whatever state we may be in today.  I know that things don’t have to always be bad because you have given me the effective tools that make my life great even on my worse day.  I will love my spouse (name) with the heart of God and I will listen to the Holy Spirit when I am away from them.  That way I will not fall into temptation.  I cut away every person out of my life that has the potential of becoming a divider between me and (name).  My marriage is blessed, my marriage is beautiful, spouse (name) is my choice and this day and forever I choose to love, be faithful, and committed to bringing my covenant with (name ) honor in your name.

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