How to Effectively Deal with People

Do you ever feel like you’re compromising to meet the needs of others?  Are you having challenges dealing with difficult people that seem to make things hard?  Or, are you passive when conversing with others and need to learn how to be more aggressive in the right way?  Then you will want to stay tuned to today’s show.


What does it take to be effective


  1. Attentive listening skills
  2. Ability to process emotions and perception quickly
  3. Understanding your boundaries with the individual
  4. Getting to the point
  5. Ensuring your point is understood
  6. Acknowledging the issue and allowing others to come up with solutions

Ineffective Tactics

  1. Trying to prove you are right (and they are wrong)
  2. Getting angry and belligerent
  3. Attempting to resolve a matter without all the facts
  4. Minimizing or dismissing the person’s feelings
  5. Allowing attitude to guide your conversation
  6. Taking the other person’s feelings personally
  7. Rallying support against the other individual

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